SUNLYTECH Alpha CAM Wifi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter Design, Features Review

SunlyTech launched the brand new Alpha CAM drone, featuring palm-size design, auto follows, face recognition selfie, auto return, 4K video and 20-minute electric battery life, available these days for pre-purchase on TOMTOP. The Alpha CAM drone utilizes the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ Flight platform, a next-generation advancement platform made to help manufacturers build the continuing future of consumer robots and drones.

This is an extremely small quadcopter, measuring 12.8×12.8cm (about 170) and weighing 220 grams. Used, it has the size of the Dobby but has no folding arms. However, it has very big propellers to the aerial photography drone body and an equally large battery, 2S from 2000mAh. Features that allow a declared flight time of 20 minutes.

If you look at these technical features in a comprehensive view, you immediately realize that this drone attempts to overcome the objective limits imposed by its category. A 20-minute declared flight autonomy is not something to be underestimated considering its small size and its light weight. In this sense, the SunlyTech Alpha CAM selfie 4K is a particularly interesting model that looks like a micro-drone (all those that have a weight that does not exceed 300 grams ) but at the same time tries to match the functionality of the most ” adults “.

SUNLYTECH Alpha Cam is based on the Snapdragon 801 processor and Adreno 330 GPU and has, like Dobby, a 13Mpx camera capable of filming at 4K 30fps which becomes 1080p 30fps when EIS electronic stabilization is activated on the three axes. The FOV is 90 ° and the area seems to be set, tilted downwards. One factor that clarifies how Alpha Cam is believed for selfies hovering and shifting away flying backward.

Actually, if the area actually sloped as it appears from these photos, flying ahead the quadcopter tilts its muzzle down and the area, already inclined, It could frame the bottom almost upright. Not beneficial to allow pilot know where he’s going forward if it’s predicated on streaming live streaming on VGA (640 x 480) smartphones with a latency of 160ms.In the bottom of the Alpha Cam, nowadays there are classic infrared and optical flow sensors for positioning in indoor conditions where satellite signal will not arrive. For the exterior flight, it is centered on a receiver with the capacity of capturing the Global positioning system, GLONASS and actually AGPS. The Alpha Cam can perform visual acknowledgement and perform the functions connected with it as carrying out a selected subject (Car Adhere to), perform a 360 ° orbit, Panorama setting, etc.

Alpha Cam drives through the smartphone wi-fi (at 2.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz), which means range is reduced to about 100 meters. It could withstand a optimum wind of 28 km / h and includes a 16Gb internal memory space where it shops video and photos.The technical features in the above list with its features illustrate a far more than satisfactory picture confirming the original thesis that the SunlyTech Alpha CAM selfie 4K Is both from the perspective of performance and multimedia among the best micro-drones in circulation, for most revolutionary because while maintaining the characteristics of Dobby includes a great advantage on its part, 20 mins of flight time that put it in an elevated position In comparison to those of its category (300 grams) whose just defect is precisely represented by the timing of flight autonomy. At this time SUNLYTECH Alpha CAM Brushless RC Quadcopter designed for pre-purchase on TOMTOP at $284.99 with Discount PROMOTION CODE: XYLYJL5

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