5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

If you haven’t paid much attention to Chromebook, the Google Chrome OS, maybe it’s time to have a closer look. We recently saw the release of Chrome Apps, which were all designed to function like ordinary desktop apps. That being said, Google also mentioned that they will be including various Android apps in Chromebook, too. Right now, things are going pretty well for Chrome OS and Chromebook. Here are 5 of the best apps available:

1. Evernote

5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking Android app, now available on Chromebook too. If offers a complete organizing experience; apart from an uncluttered and clean notepad, Evernote allows users to arrange their files and notes into cloud-based, searchable notebooks that can easily be linked with other devices. Users with access to the internet will be able to have their note synced automatically with a master copy held on the Evernote servers. This lets users edit their data across various OS platforms, and still make modifications if they’re offline.

2. Bastion

5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

Chromebook doesn’t just offer utility apps; it is also packed with some pretty amazing gaming apps, and Bastion is one of them. This mega RPG was produced by Supergiant Games; inside the game, players control ‘The Kid’, and they must take him throughout all sorts of fantasy-themed environments. Bastion also features the dynamic voice of a narrator, and the whole game experience happens in 2D. The story of the game follows the Kid in an attempt to collect rocks shards and build fortresses. Featuring incredible hand-painted art, sleek narrative elements and a solid action gameplay, Bastion is available in a free demo. To enjoy the whole experience, the RPG costs $14.99.

3. Google Keep

 5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

Google Keep is Google’s most renowned note-taking service. The app removes Keep from the browser tab bar and places it into the desktop taskbar. Users can insert lists and images, set up reminders and text snippets of Keep’s uncluttered desktop app. Archive and delete notes, inserts lists and images, and synch data across your mobile and desktop devices with this sleek note taker. Some other features of Google Keep include: setting note reminders, changing colors, adding new lists, geo-fencing, and just like Google Drive, there’s no Save button available for editing docs. Everything is saved automatically in the Google Keep app.

4. Pocket

5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

With more than 10 million users, Pocket is a popular synching app where users can save videos and articles to view later. By using Pocket, your content is stored on a server, which means you have access to it anytime and on any device. What’s great about this app is that you don’t need an internet connection to check out your content. The Pocket Chrome App functions as a stand-alone viewing platform for your saved content. Feel free to customize backgrounds and font sizes, search, tag, share and archive through Facebook, Twitter and email.

5. 500px

 5 Of The Best Chrome Apps Available Today

500px is a photo sharing website with its own Chrome App. It offers stunning photographs with cute animals, landscapes, art pieces and so on. There are various online galleries you can check out, as well as a wealth of different categories. Make sure to have a look at the editor’s picks, popular entries, and recently uploaded photos. You can also upload your own photos, gain exposure and interact with others. With over 2.5 million registered users, 500px is an incredible app to have on your Android device.

Give Chromebook a chance to amaze you, and explore its fabulous apps. There are hundreds of types available, so whether you’re a photography freak, a social media fanatic or a game aficionado, Chrome will exceed all your expectations with its varied palette.

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