Want To Buy Can Am Commander UTV Parts?

         The Can Am Commander is an easy UTV to customize with a wide selection of parts and accessories made to set your vehicle apart from the crowd.  One of our favorite companies Can Am Commander accessories and parts is Factory UTV.  The company makes everything from skid plates to spare tire mounts to suspension components.  The following parts are a few of our favorites for the Commander.

        Their best selling products for the Commander, Factory UTV offers several skid plates and CV guards for the vehicle, including complete packages that protect the entire underside of the vehicle.  Both lighter and stornger than comparable aluminum skid plates, UHMW is virtually bulletproof high density plastic that is available in both ⅜” and ½” thicknesses.  These plates also slide over  rocks and other debris smoother than metal skid plates.  They are literally half the weight of aluminum plates and outwear carbon steel 10 to 1.  UHMW is a memory plastic, meaning that it willl bend back to its original shape. Their skid plates include bottom skid plates, CV guards, lateral skids and front and rear differential protection skids.

       Most off-road enthusiasts know Elka shocks, and Factory UTV has partnered with ELka to bring you their custom tuned shocks and springs for the Commander.  The spring setup is custom tuned for the Commander’s payload and the custom valving has been dialed in for ideal racing conditions.  The shock bodies are all CNC machined billet and the internal aluminum floating piston will rarely need servicing.  The shafts are induction hardened steel and the triple seal makes leaks virtually impossible.  For these and dozens of other parts for the Can Am Commander, visit www.sbsparts.

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